List of Events to Participate in this SPOOKtober!

The Haunting Season has already begun.  In anticipation of this spirited holiday a number of Haunted Attractions have been announced in the Rogue Valley area. So to all of you witches and warlocks get ready to be scared as you walk through Haunted Houses, take Spooky tours, go into Haunted Corn Mazes and enjoy a classic Hay Rides.  Enjoy the one special night a year when kids get to stay out late, enjoy the generosity of their neighbors, and gorge on candy. Happy Halloween!Amber

Here is a list of Edgar Allan Poe worthy events in the Rogue Valley area starting in October…

KID FRIENDLY – Parents are asked to exercise their own judgment regarding a child’s participation. Click links for more information!

1.    Haunted Field Drama – Little Max and The Monster: Hanley Farm / 1053 Hanley Rd, Central Point, OR

2.    Circus Of Screams: 9512 Hwy 62, Eagle Point, OR (Kid-friendly on ‘Not So Scary’ Night At The Circus!)

3.    Jacksonville Haunted Trolley Tours: Jacksonville Visitors Center / 185 N Oregon St, Jacksonville, OR

4.    Gold Hill Haunted House: Gold Hill Museum / 504 1st Ave, Gold Hill, OR

5.    The Wood House Halloween Open House:  12966 Oregon Hwy 62, Eagle Point, OR

6.    Haunted Corn Maze: Fort Vannoy Farms / 5791 Lower River Rd, Grants Pass, OR

7.    Brighton Academy’s Haunted House: Old Movie Theater & Hunan Garden’s Parking Lot / 11 SE M Street, Grants Pass, OR (Kid-friendly Version At A Special Time)

8.    Cyril’s House Of Horrors: Elks Lodge / 749 Se Jackson St, Roseburg, OR (Kid friendly Version On Special Days)

9.    Just Scream Haunted House: 202 N Central, Medford, OR (Kids 7-12 must be accompanied by an adult. Childcare is available. Children under 7 will not be admitted to the haunted house. Proceeds benefit the dogs and cats of the Southern Oregon Humane)


1.     23 Screams: Grants Pass, OR

2.    The Nightmare Chamber – GORE: Randall Theatre / 10 E 3rd St, Medford, OR

3.    Pheasant Fields Farms Nighttime Corn Maze: 1865 Camp Baker Rd, Medford, OR

4.    Tunnel Of Terror: Wash N’ Go / 360 S Front St, Central Point, OR

5.    Phantasmagorium Haunted House: Grants Pass Shopping Center / 959 NE D Street, Grants Pass, OR

6.    Laser Ops Entertainment Zombie Elimination: 1600 N Riverside Ave #2148, Medford, OR


Written by Amber Houchen

Robin Simpson Team 




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