Quirky & Delicious Pizza Deep in Wine Country!

If you are looking for something completely unique and outside the box for your next date night you may want to check out Applegate Country Club. It’s a head scratcher for a name because there is no golf course in the Applegate just lots of amazing wineries. Also when you pull up to the restaurant it appears to be a vintage house that may be selling collectibles or antiques or maybe gardening supplies.

When we arrived and hesitantly stepped through the front door it’s a little like stepping through a looking glass. The house has been transformed into a restaurant and the backyard an amazing English style tea garden. There is a massive gondola and path through the garden with seating everywhere. At night the garden becomes a lighted oasis.

At this point it still feels a little strange as if you can’t quite put it together – will this be fun or a strange dining experience? The dog who greeted us at our table and laid down after a few scratches to her furry head seemed to understand our confusion. It must be common for newbies.


Our hesitation lifted when our friends arrived (with wine) and we all enjoyed an incredible evening. First was the amazing food – gourmet pizza which was delicious, impeccable service, and as the place filled an ambiance that was completely unique.

Clearly locals and tourists alike are discovering this new gem. Hurry before it becomes the new “hot spot.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApplegateCountryClub/

Jim Remley – Author, Speaker, Broker, & Consultant


jimremley@johnlscott.com | 541-890-1929 | http://www.jlsmedford.com

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