Time to Celebrate the Wonders of Autumn

Leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and cooler temperatures; I have blinked and autumn has arrived.  It is arguably one of the more difficult seasons to fall into because it means the end of summer.

For me, the autumn months are by far my favorite season of the year. Like me, you may have started or are starting to create a cozier home because it’s the beginning of crisp weather. The blankets have come out of the linen closet, the fire is going, hot cocoa boxes are on the counter, and your sweaters and warm socks have come out of hiding.

You may also be deciding on what seasonal decorating you want to do. If you think about it, most of the autumn decor can stay around until the end of November, just add in a few details for Halloween and for Thanksgiving. Below are five of the top 2017 trending ideas to bring fall into your home.

Trend #1: Farmhouse Rustic: White, wood, and metal pails.

Trend #2: Natural Fall Crafts and Organic Fall Décor: Real leaves, pine cones, vegetables, and acorns.

Trend #3: DIY Pumpkins Instead Of Real Pumpkins: Cloth, wood, wire, and glass.

Amber 7

Trend #4: Pumpkin Painting and Decorating Instead Of Carving: Whatever you want, just don’t cut into it!

Trend #5: Recycled Fall Crafts: Bottles, jars, wine glasses, and even horseshoes or dryer vents.

Bonus Trend: Everything in Mason Jars!

Have fun decorating, enjoy the cooler months, and Happy Autumn!

Written by Amber Houchen

Robin Simpson Team

541-941-8028, robinsimpson@johnlscott.com




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